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$400 in Advertising Created $288,000 in profit

My professional home services company was struggling to grow and keep new business coming in each month.

I was spending thousands of dollars every month in Yellow Page ads, advertising in local newspapers and direct mail campaigns. We were trying to cover every household in our market area so that awareness of our services would ensure new business when it was time for customers to need our services.

When IMSD approached us, I was skeptical because I didn't think the Internet would be focused enough, and our current efforts weren't really paying off, in spite of costly banner ads.

IMSD offered to "fix" our website so we would rank higher on Search Pages and implement their local marketing process.

We paid about $500 to get started and $150 per month. Not too much return until about the third month. We started receiving calls from qualified and motivated customers from the Internet. After a few months and an additional $400 in pay-per-click advertising set-up by IMSD, nearly all of our business was coming from the IMSD's marketing.

From that online marketing campaign, we netted $288,000 in profit.

Thanks IMSD. We look forward to a long-term relationship.

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As an owner and operator of small businesses and a corporate Marketing Director, I know the marketing struggle for all small businesses. It is an ongoing mission to develop the most buyers with least investment.

The days of the bulky Yellow Pages and, in large part, print ads are coming to an end. The Internet, especially with the volcanic eruption of smart phone and tablet use, will be the prime source of marketing to find and attract new customers for any business, retail or service.

Local businesses are currently under-utilizing Internet marketing. In result they are losing up to 50% of their new business to their competitors who have successfully achieved an Internet marketing plan.

Or, are wasting up to 50% more money on marketing

Internet marketing of San Diego can provide you a personal Internet Marketing Professional who will focus on the specific, individual needs of your business. With this attention, your business will feel the full benefit of local Internet marketing with a high ROI.

No other Internet marketing service implements our effective system:


Don't Get Overcharged For SEO/Internet Marketing !

As the need for Internet marketing explodes, many new companies are being established to provide these services. The cost for these services are a broad-range, depending on what is provided. Some companies charge a monthly rate, while others provide "per-campaign" fees. There is also "pay-per-click" services, as well.

Monthly Internet marketing companies can charges up to $1200 per month for Internet marketing services. Depending on effectiveness. the cost can be well worth it. However, it is difficult to gauge what you are actually receiving for your money. The beauty of Internet marketing is that it can be utilized with a minimum investment with a high ROI.

Internet Marketing of San Diego provides a robust, intensive marketing program that is sure to provide new business for a reasonable fee. For most of our customers our base package can provide excellent marketing and New Customers Now for less than $149.00 per month. See all that this includes.

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